resume template 2019 (quick and easy)

This resume format is ideal for candidates who have just finished their studies and have no work experience, for those who have work gaps in their resume (either because they have been unemployed for a long time, or because during that time they have been studying or doing some volunteer activity) or for those who want to change their profession.
If you want to download for free a resume format with these characteristics, here are four different versions of the same template; in green, blue, orange or brown. To download any of the following templates you will have to click on the resume template of your choice. It will automatically download to your computer in Word format and you will be able to edit it to your liking.

how to make a resume in word – 2021

Free Word Resume TemplatesWith the Word editor you will be able to create a powerful resume with a clean and organized look. Click on the image below and download the free Word resume templates we have prepared especially for you. The best thing about the .DOC format template is that you can edit it as many times as you need; even convert it to PDF if the company you are applying to prefers this format.
PDF Resume TemplatesWhat format do you send your resume in? Download the PDF resume templates and complete your professional profile quickly and easily. Keep your CV up to date and download the CV documents in PDF format.
Curriculum Vitae in PDFDo you know how to make a resume in PDF? Download free resume templates in pdf format and discover the advantages of PDF format over Word.Free basic resume templatesLearn how to make a simple resume with free basic resume templates. We propose you basic resume templates that will help you prepare a resume to apply to any company you want.

Resume Template with a modern and informal style. This resume template has an innovative and creative look that will not go unnoticed. Recommended for job offers in creative, young companies and non-traditional employment sectors.
As the name suggests, this type of resume organizes studies and jobs chronologically, starting with the oldest achievements and ending with the most recent ones. Although this format is the most traditional of all, it is perfect for the recruiter to know the upward evolution of your professional career.
The functional resume distributes information by topic, prioritizes the candidate’s demonstrable skills and competencies, and highlights the achievements and recognitions you have received throughout your career. It is also an ideal resume model to omit or disguise less desirable information (long periods of unemployment, frequent job changes, lack of work experience, etc.).

how to make a good curriculum vitae | free templates

If you have a good academic and professional background, the ideal is to opt for a simple resume template that you can adapt to your liking. As you can see, the first model stands out for its brevity and conciseness, since what is really important is that the jobs and studies completed are ordered chronologically. In this way, it will be easier to review the candidate’s professional career.
But what happens when we are looking for our first job and our work experience is conspicuous by its absence? We will have to choose a basic resume template without experience that emphasizes other aspects that can make us valuable to the company.
… the experience section does not have to remain empty. However, be sure to indicate that these are internships done during your studies or after graduating from university, as they are not work experience per se.
Once you have a clear idea of the basic structure of your résumé, you may want to expand it with more content or you may want to opt for a specific distribution of information. Whatever your needs are, here is a classification of them

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