Formulario 620 junta de castilla y leon

Formulario 620 junta de castilla y leon

form 600 tax office

This procedure is obligatory after signing the contract of sale and before processing the change of ownership of the vehicle in the DGT, since without it you will not be able to make the change of name and obtain a new vehicle registration certificate.
The ITP Castilla y León has to be paid by the buyer (the person who acquires the vehicle), and never by the seller. The buyer of the car or motorcycle must carry out this procedure within the term indicated by the administration.
As the Junta de Castilla y León explains on its tax website, businessmen or professionals who buy a vehicle as part of the exercise of their activity and provided that the purchase is subject to VAT are exempt from paying the ITP Castilla y León.
The Transfer Tax is something that depends on each Autonomous Community, so each autonomous region establishes its own processes for settling this tax. Each autonomous region has its own particularities, and this also applies to the tax levied on the taxable base, which varies in each Autonomous Region. In this case, the ITP Castilla y León is 5% on the taxable base of the vehicle purchased.

contract of sale and purchase

It will be necessary to obtain a prior appointment to access the assistance services for the preparation of self-assessments of the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty (Forms 600 and 620) or Inheritance and Gift Tax (Forms 650, 651 and 655).
Telephone request for Appointment – Tax on Property Transfer and Stamp Duty — Tax on Donations — General Registry — Certificates — Other proceduresPhone: 967 55 85 85

form 620

When we carry out a change of ownership of any vehicle, the corresponding fees must be paid at the Dirección General de Tráfico, and the ITP (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados) must be paid at the Treasury.
We would like to explain what this tax is and how to pay it, if you personally carry out this procedure and do not delegate it to an agency (which usually complete this procedure during the transfer of the vehicle).
There is a period of 30 days (not including holidays or weekends) from the formalization of the contract, and any delay or delay in payment may result in a penalty from the Tax Agency.
If you have not chosen the online payment (form 621), you can pay in any bank collaborating with the DGT (practically all the entities with offices allow it), or in the offices and delegations of the Treasury that allow the collection of these taxes (get information before going to the Treasury).

cambio de titularidad y notificación de venta de vehículos

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